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Broken Spring:
Replacing a broken spring is the most common of garage door repairs. When the spring breaks, the wires (cables) on either side of the door become loose or fall off. This prevents you from being able to open your garage door. The opener is not strong enough to lift the door by itself, that's the spring's job. The spring counter balances the weight of the garage door. A metal *2 car* garage door weighs around 170 lbs (+-).
Cable Loose - Door Off Track:
Unfortunately accidents happen. Too often garage doors are either ran into or lowered down on obstructions that cause the wires (cables) to come unspooled from their drum(s). When this occurs, the garage door becomes crooked and jams in the track. This prevents the door from moving up or down freely. This is a dangerous situation if you are unfamiliar with the mechanics of a garage door. The spring is under extreme tension and can cause bodily harm. We strongly suggest that you DO NOT try to fix this on your own. Some things are best left for a professional and this is one. We will repair and fully service your garage door.
We can replace all of your garage door rollers (wheels) with premium nylon 11 bearing rollers. These come with a lifetime warranty.
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