Things You Should Know
Thank you for visiting our website. Most people aren't familiar with the actual mechanics of their garage door, except that it goes up and down when they push the wall control or their hand held remote. If it doesn't work like it's suppose to, YOU want to make sure that who ever you call to repair it treats you fairly. The garage door service industry often takes advantage of home owners and their lack of knowledge about garage doors or openers. At North Dallas Doors, we are up-front and give you all the information that you need to make an informative decision when it comes to repairing your garage door or opener.
Most garage door companies hire sub-contractors and pay them a percentage from each job. This saves the company from having to pay for insurance, taxes or social security for that individual. They are technically NOT an employee for that company, but work for themselves while completing jobs for which ever company has the work. Some sub-contractors might even work for numerous companies at one time to keep a steady income.
Because sub-contractors work for themselves, they often adjust repair prices so they can increase their profit potential. They typically make around 30-45% off each job. Most companies won't give home owners an exact repair cost over the phone. Instead they want to wait until the technician comes to your house so he can charge you according to your life style. 'ZIP CODES' are target areas for service companies. The more the technician can charge you, the more the company makes as well. This is unfortunate, but too common amongst most service companies.
You deserve to be treated FAIRLY...
You need to know who is entering your HOME...
At North Dallas Doors, YOU are our number one priority.

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Below is a list of some things that might be helpful to YOU as a home owner: